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Care Managers come in many forms ranging from Social Workers to Nurses and serve our clients as their advocate. They create meaningful relationships with their clients, loved ones and other medical providers through interviews, social interaction and the completion of comprehensive assessments. The assessments are utilized by Care Managers to get to know their clients deeply and range from behavioral to functional to cognitive. The results of the assessment tools aide the Care Manager in determining what needs/resources are required to focus on physical, spiritual, mental and financial well being.

Our Care Managers offer the following services:


  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • Case/Care Management
  • Transition/Relocation Support

Here is what you can expect when contacting a Care Manager:


A concerned family member contacts our office. (or possibly that call is initiated by a concerned professional such as elder law attorney or geriatrician) He or she speaks to one of our Administrative Associates. During the conversation, we listen, we learn and ask essential questions to understand if and how we might be able to help. Our goal is to meet your needs, which would include identifying the appropriate provider(s) who can meet those needs.

We answer all questions. We discuss how we might handle the situation, fees, etc. We send more information out as necessary or schedule an initial appointment with one of our Care Partners At Home Care Managers.

Depending on the logistics, the family’s initial contact with the care manager may be via phone or email or the care manager may meet the family and client together.

The care manager meets the client at his or her home (or sometimes, meets off-site when appropriate, i.e. the client feels more comfortable meeting initially at his/her attorney’s office, but a home visit will be done later in that case).

The care manager ascertains important information on a variety of aspects about the senior, through observation and gathering data (getting records from physicians and other providers, for example). Read more about the components of the geriatric assessment.

The care manager assesses the environment, to gauge how the client is managing in daily activities and evaluate safety. Part of the home safety assessment is a falls prevention checklist.

Pulling together the various areas assessed and the input of the client, family and other involved parties, the care manager provides a written report and overview. The report includes specific recommendations.

The care manager reviews the assessment and recommendations with the client and/or responsible party.

The care manager can be hired on to assist with carrying out recommendations, immediately or in the future.

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