Comprehensive Assessment

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Life Care Managers utilize assessments as comprehensive tools for establishing a relationship with their client while identifying medical, social, psychosocial and spiritual needs. Psychosocial assessment is crucial to Care Partners At Home because it pertains to identifying the clients’ quality of life. This part of the process provides an Life Care Manager the ability to engage a client on a human level creating the initial trust that will be instrumental in helping the client and family navigate the aging process.


Through providing assessments in the home, it allows the Life Care Manager to also evaluate the environment, the safety of that environment, family dynamics and living conditions relative to care needs. By incorporating loved ones into the assessment, a thorough picture of the clients life is painted through a different lens.


These assessments are utilized to create the plan of care unique to the clients’ needs, indicate support services required to establish goals and interventions and identify additional resources needed or available to assist in meeting those goals. Care Partners At Home will utilize these assessments to track clinical and quality of life outcomes with the purpose of establishing industry best practice through patient centered care in the home.

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