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What are Comprehensive Assessment Services?
A professional Life Care Manager with Care Partners At Home will complete an analysis of important functional, clinical, and social aspects for you or a loved-one resulting in comprehensive assessment services. Older adults/seniors want to remain in their home after retirement, but they often become lonely and lose purpose, which tends to break them down psychologically and emotionally. As a result, they can become weak, be it physically or emotionally. However, Care Partners At Home has expert Life Care Managers who know how to navigate a comprehensive assessment to make the life of these seniors easier as they age, often improving the quality of their life.


How do these expert service providers help in making things better for seniors?
Care Partners At Home offers a comprehensive assessment that evaluates the needs of a senior so that both they and family can make appropriate decisions for current and future care, including the need for in-home companion home care. This is done through:


a. Medical Need
Every patient requires a different kind of medical attention. This depends on their health and other conditions like – chronic disease, after surgery care and recovery. These issues cannot be dealt by any or every person, but requires professionals who can accurately assess the client’s progress, talk to the physicians, arrange appointments and so much more.


b. Social Requirement
Having a good care companion in every stage of life is important; especially, when you age.
Care providers from this comprehensive assessment agency in Orange County understand this quite well. They spend quality time with the seniors or older adults and make them feel lively and engaged


Also, Care Partners At Home organizes social events and gathering for seniors to engage them in social activity. It improves their mental wellbeing and often uplifts their mood, making the days after retirement more fulfilling!


c. Spiritual Beliefs
Connecting with one’s spiritual belief is very crucial. The company provides care companion or personal care attendant who have a similar ideology to support them both emotionally and spiritually.


d. Psychosocial Necessities
Another important need is to assess the psychosocial status. This defines how the mental and sociological condition of the older adult is and what kind of assistance they need. Sometimes, they suffer from a certain level of dementia or possibly a clinical behavioral disorder requiring additional and expert professional care.
What extra care can professional caregiver and personal attendants provide?
Seniors, with time, can sometimes self-isolate, and Care Partners At Home truly understands and looks to support a positive change in their isolation. They work to earn the trust that will let the older adult open up and talk about his/her needs in depth.


Apart from that, here are the other characteristics that one can expect from professional care
providers –
• Emergency assistance
• Experienced in handling seniors
• Punctual
• Available 24/7
• At home service
These are some of the factors that make Care Partners At Home a better choice for those you love.

Do you have any of these questions? Have a look!

1. Do they charge more than hiring from a local place?
No, Care Partners has competitive rate tailored to the needs of families, often 20% to 25% less than the market

2. Will they help seniors in traveling?
Yes, our caregivers are available to travel locally and abroad, which can be life-changing for everyone involved.

3. Are these care providers certified?
All the care providers from this company hold professional certification in this field with the California Home Care Aid Registry.

Certainly a reason to engage a comprehensive assessment provider like Care Partners At Home!

These assessments are utilized to create the plan of care unique to the clients’ needs, indicate support services required to establish goals and interventions and identify additional resources needed or available to assist in meeting those goals. Care Partners At Home will utilize these assessments to track clinical and quality of life outcomes with the purpose of establishing industry best practice through patient centered care in the home.

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