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For some older adults and their families, aging can become both frustrating and unpleasant. As we grow older, our social circles often become smaller due to restricted mobility and limited access to transportation, among other factors. Oftentimes, family members want to spend more time with their senior relatives, but are unable to do so due to chaotic work schedules and busy lifestyles. Since social, companionship, and friendship needs are closely related to mental and physical states of health, the lack of social interactions may lead to worsened health conditions for seniors.

In addition, older adults are sometimes less active due to physical limitations, and have fewer events or endeavors to occupy their days with. Outside of completing daily chores, they may have trouble keeping themselves physically and mentally stimulated. Overtime, this may have a drastic effect on their mood, personality, and outlook on life.

Below are a few of the companion care activities our Caregivers routinely provide:


  • Companionship and socialization
  • Accompanying on fun outings, such as trips to the movies
  • Playing board games, piecing puzzles, and playing cards to stimulate mental awareness
  • Planning social visits with neighbors and friends
  • Documenting past experiences with scrap booking and writing
  • Transportation to a favorite restaurant or coffee shop

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