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Today, older adults often prefer to age in a place surrounded by the familiar comforts of home and those memories that accompany a “life well lived”. There often comes a time, they need help and support to make this happen. That’s where Care Partners At Home can make a difference. As experts in Companion Home Care Delivery, we handle the occasional basic companion care needs through to the most complex care, supporting clients at discharge from an acute medical stay. Care Partners’ in-home care providers can help you or your loved one with life’s most important, yet basic human need – the avoidance of social isolation through companionship. Beyond that wonderful is a skilled and expert team of care providers that can support you with a variety of tasks – everything from daily activities of daily living such as bathing, grooming and dressing, to creating fun outings and preparing meals.

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What We Do

Companionship And Conversation

Companionship And Conversation

Preparation Of Good Tasting Meals

Preparation Of Good Tasting Meals

Driving To And From Appointments

Driving To And From Appointments



Medication Reminders

Medication Reminders

Disease Specific Care Giving

Disease Specific Care Giving

Errands And Outings

Errands And Outings

Light Housekeeping

Light Housekeeping

Physical Activity

Physical Activity

Basics Such A Bathing, Dressing And Toileting

Basics Such A Bathing, Dressing And Toileting

Alzheimer’s And Dementia Support And Engagement

Alzheimer’s And Dementia Support And Engagement

On-going Caregiver Feedback And Family Involvement

On-going Caregiver Feedback And Family Involvement

At Care Partners At Home, we want each client to enjoy a personally satisfying, compassionate and professional relationship with his or her in-home caregiver. We listen very carefully to you and your loved one’s care needs in terms of personality, languages spoken, skill level and hours required. It is essential for us to know whether your loved one would prefer someone outgoing and gregarious or a gentler, quieter personality. These details are an important consideration in our matchmaking!

How We Do It

We excel at making simple things special, yet we have the expertise
to provide highly skilled and complex care to keep a loved one safely in their home.

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We believe love is a powerful component of healing. Receiving an invitation into our clients home is something we take seriously. Building trust, creating connection and caring with love not only creates an environment for healing, but one that increases the quality of life for those we serve.
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We are motivated through our own personal stories and experiences; to connect deeply with our clients in order to care and serve them no matter what level of care they require.
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Our personal experiences have afforded us the capacity to feel what another person is experiencing, enabling us to know and meet their social, psychosocial and non-medical care needs.
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There is nothing more powerful on earth than human connection. When Caregivers who possess our core values are uniquely paired with clients based upon character, values and needs, deep connections are formed at the spiritual level.

Why We Do It

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Care Partners At Home offers the following services:

  • In-Home Care
    Personal Care, light house-keeping, meal preparation, medication reminders, disease-specific management.
  • Companionship
    Engagement, activities, documenting life stories, outings, social visits, travel companion.
  • Care Management Services
    In-home assessments, medical coordination, records management, social work, caregiver oversight.
  • Transportation
    Social outings, medical or personal appointments, relocation and transition.
  • Comprehensive Assessment
    Customized care plan, disease-specific management.

Our Personal Care Attendants

Ale Bautista Joined Care Partners

Ale Bautista

Taking care of others has always been a big part of Ale’s life. She comes from a family of caregivers and experienced firsthand the impact a trusted companion can have. After working in private caregiving and animal hospitals, Ale came to Care Partners in June 2017 and has been a steadfast team member and highly requested caregiver ever since. She is bilingual, speaking English, Spanish and conversational French. Thank you Ale for your amazing commitment and care!

Alvin Estacio Joined Care Partners

Alvin Estacio

Following a diverse career in pharmacy and grocery, Alvin sought out a role where he could directly improve the lives of people who need care. Since 1996, he has dedicated himself to caregiving for senior and special needs adults. Alvin came to Care Partners in 2017 and his dedication and impact were immediately felt by both clients and staff. Alvin was Partner of the Month for February 2018, recognizing his amazing work and commitment. We are truly lucky to have Alvin on the team.

Norma Lopez Joined Care Partners

Norma Lopez

Norma joined the Care Partners team March 2017, from the moment we interviewed Norma we knew there was something very special about her. Norma was born and raised in Mexico where she attended college and studied Healthcare Administration. She moved to the USA 25 years ago. Norma is married and has 2 daughters. She took some time off from caregiving to care for her own children, but she couldn’t stay away from caregiving. She returned to school and earned a Certified Nursing Assistant Certificate (CNA). This certificate allows Norma to care for clients with high acuity. Norma has had the privilege to serve many of our client’s, with her loving and caring attitude Norma makes her clients feel comfortable and builds meaningful relationships.


Cassandra B
Personal Care Attendant

Cassandra has been such a blessing to the client she supports and his family. She is very kind and attentive to him, providing the family the rest that they need. Our client’s spouse is currently going through chemotherapy and this has allowed her to get the rest that she needs. Cassandra is very reliable, and has become real friends with our client and it shows!!


Linda W
Personal Care Attendant

Linda has been with her client for over three years. In this timeframe, she has developed a deep connection with not only the client but his family as well. As they do not live close, Linda’s presence has allowed for them to have full confidence that as any needs that arise, Linda will keep the family updated. Linda’s experience not only has directly impacted this client, but it has helped develop other personal care attendants alongside her, who also care for our client.


Joseph P
Personal Care Attendant

Joseph has been with his current client for years! He began as a private caregiver with this client, and when hired by Care Partners, identified the opportunity to connect this client with the organization. He has proven to be a true client advocate through our client's evolving Alzheimer’s and dementia. He is a constant support and trains others on the care team to identify and distinguish between the diagnosis and the person.


Rossana L
Personal Care Attendant

Rossana has been flexible, and quick during the onboarding process. She is very polite and commutative, but apart from what she presents on paper Rossana appears to be someone warm-hearted, and ready to impact those she meets. She has been a pre-school teacher aide for 14 years, and she truly has a passion to help others.


Amber M
Personal Care Attendant

Amber has been a joy to work with. She is very gentle in her personality, and as I continued to work with her, she has demonstrated a true passion for caregiving and truly giving back. While in orientation Amber was happy to see that Care Partners is more than just an agency. Amber's caregiving career started while she was in high school, and since she has continued to impact those, she serves from her heart.


Diemtrink K
Personal Care Attendant

Diemtrinh is a solid Caregiver and has helped us out with many difficult clients as well as being flexible with her schedule so that if we need to make last minute changes and move her to a different client, she doesn’t bat an eye.

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