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Care Partners At Home Provides Quality Physician Services in Orange County, CA


When it comes to caring for a client or a patient, Care Partners At Home recognizes that their needs will always be unique to them based upon their diagnosis/chronic condition(s), their living environment, psychosocial dynamics and social setting. Care Partners At Home will create meaningful relationships with our clients and their loved ones.
Care Partners At Home, through its affiliate Company, Global Transitional Care Medical Group provides professional physician service provider catering to these immediate needs. We offer doctors to patients at any time of the day. The more we are able to learn about our clients and get to know them deeply, the better our ability to serve them through a proactive (wellness) approach rather, than a reactionary approach.


What is physician service?


These are simply medical services offered by licensed doctors who diagnose a problem and treat it accordingly as well as immediately.


Why do we prefer a home setup?


As on the best home care agencies in Orange County, we identify that the needs of every individual are different even when exhibiting the same ailments. That is why we believe in setting an appointment with the patient in his or her home environment. Experts of the service claim that through this approach, we are able to provide:

• A clearer diagnosis, as patients are more open and comfortable to talk.
• Moral support from their family members to help them endure through the process.
• Faster recovery rate.


What is our Physician approach towards patients?


As a reliable physician services agency in Orange County, Care Partners At Home, through Global Transitional Care Medical Group aims to develop a personal and cordial relationship with their patient. Knowing a person’s habits and whereabouts in their home setting provides a deeper insight into the patient’s likes and dislikes.


What services do we provide?


Our physician experts strive to provide complete support through the healing and rehabilitation process of a patient. The list of dedicated services provided by them includes –
• House Call Physician:
Under this service, a physician would be able to monitor and treat a patient for 24 hours a day. On House Call, services can be used especially by clients suffering from any form of chronic illness. Basic services provided by these physicians include feeding, bathing, toileting, dressing, and other associated ADL services.
• Concierge Medicine:
Patients can gain access to their physician at all times of the day, month, or year. Wondering about off days? Well, they are available 24/7/365 at their patient’s disposal catering to each and every need. Concierge Physicians are focused on establishing meaningful relationships with their patients, establishing customized care plans with an emphasis in preventative services and proactive approach to health/wellness. These services are paid for privately and usually through a monthly, quarterly or annual retainer.
• Tele/Digital Health services:

What’s that? The best physician services in Orange County, CA provide virtual or online doctor-to-patient communication. Care Partners At Home is affiliated with a team of House Call and Concierge Physicians that can see you as you discharge from your hospital or nursing home stay, and follow you personally in your home. In most circumstances, your physician care is reimbursed through your private insurance or Medicare.


Why choose Care Partners At Home?


Most patients suffering from chronic ailments find it tedious to visit a doctor every time. It also contributes significant stress on their physical condition. In such cases, certified physicians from Care Partners At Home come as a bigger support for the following reasons:

a) 24/7 availability to their clients.
b) Rapid action in case of unprecedented emergencies.
c) Affordable packages sufficing to clients of all economic capabilities.
d) Assured quality and personalized services.

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