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physician services orange countyWhen it comes to caring for a client or a patient, Care Partners At Home recognizes that their needs will ALWAYS be unique to them based upon their diagnosis/chronic condition(s), their living environment, psychosocial dynamics and social setting.  Reference our mission statement; We will create meaningful relationships with our clients and their loved ones.

The more we are able to learn about our clients and get to know them deeply, the better our ability to serve them through a proactive (wellness) approach rather than a reactionary approach. The more a Physician gets to know their patient IN THE HOME SETTING, the better they can provide, order or direct a very specific patient-centered team of providers/resources working together dedicated to serving that individual.

All too often Companion care or Home care is referenced as a non-medical care model. It takes a TEAM to provide the unique care required to heal, support, rehabilitate, educate and most importantly; provide a better quality of life. We see Physicians as an essential component of this team approach.

Our Physician partners offer the following services:

Concierge Medicine

Physicians serving as Primary Care providing services for their patients wherever they call home. Concierge medicine allows for 24/7/365 access to your personal Physician. Concierge Physicians are focused on establishing meaningful relationships with their patients, establishing customized care plans with emphasis in preventative services and proactive approach to health/wellness. These services are paid for privately and usually through a monthly, quarterly or annual retainer.

House Call Physician

Physicians caring for you or your loved one in the home when advanced chronic illness or significant mobility issues exist. These services are focused on those with difficulty walking, shortness of breath, dependence on oxygen and dementia or other forms of cognitive impairment. Visits focus on Activities of Daily Living (ADL) like bathing, feeding, dressing, continence, toileting and transferring.


A blend of technologies utilized by a Physician (or MA/PA) to provide virtual medical care, healthcare oversight and education to clients and their families.

Care Partners At Home is affiliated with a team of House Call and Concierge Physicians that can see you as you discharge from your hospital or nursing home stay, and follow you personally in your home. In most circumstances your physician care is reimbursed through your private insurance or Medicare.

Why is this valuable?

Often patients are dealing with multiple physicians when they are in need of care. The Care Partners At Home Team works with our own Geriatric Care Managers who assist your House Call Physician in coordinating your care with all providers keep you at the center of all that we do.

To arrange an evaluation and determine if a House Call Physician is right for you, please contact us to arrange an assessment.

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