Why Care Partners?

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We will create deep meaningful relationships with our clients, their families, our associates, and partners resulting in the establishment of high energy environments focused on true person centered caring, while increasing the quality of their lives, and ours, within every interaction.

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Our Care

People-Centered. The best care is not only focused on treating chronic conditions, but more importantly on a patient’s social and psychosocial needs. Those that surround someone in that moment of crisis or during an event, have the power to positively impact, influence and inspire that individual; the power to create a positive dynamic and environment; one that promotes healing. Engaging our clients to build trusting relationships for the purpose of encouraging them to focus away from the chronic conditions towards that of wellness and higher quality of life.

Our Associates

Creating a culture of “why we do what we do” is the most important aspect of our organization. The why represents purpose. We believe that it takes a special individual to provide a level of compassionate, empathetic loving touch creating social & engaging connections with those they care for. Our associates are specifically hired for these characteristics. Powerful stories of personal life experiences that have inspired them to care for others in their greatest time of need. Our associates are the core of Care Partners At Home. Please see the testimonials section to experience a story or two.

Our Promise

We truly understand the challenges that you may face when making an in-home caregiving decision for yourself or a loved-one. Our goal is to help you build confidence that the team of professional caregivers here at Care Partners At Home was the right decision.


We personally understand the gap that words on a page may have in the sea of home care company websites that all looking to earn your business, but as the founders of the company, just as you are doing today, we too have personally taken on the same responsibilities in our lives to provide care for members of our family, those we love deeply.


Our experience as healthcare professionals play a distinct role in how we lead the care continuum delivered by our associates. It starts with our core principles of integrity, honesty, and trust. But in the end, your experience will be one of compassion, communication and support.

Your satisfaction is at the heart of what we do, and we promise the delivery a Care Management experience that surpasses your expectations.

Our sincere appreciation,

Randy and Rodney

Our Training

Training is typically a shortfall in this industry. In a patient-centered model of care, we focus on each client’s unique needs which represents a very broad range of care requirements. In order to set the industry best standards in training, Care Partners has set out to create unique training programs targeting specific chronic illnesses that affect our clients physically, mentally, spiritually and socially. Partnering with industry experts and utilizing our own Physicians and Care Managers to develop, deliver and certify our Caregivers, Personal Attendants and Care Partners in these programs sets Care Partners At Home apart from any of our competitors.

Disease Specific Care

Care Partners At Home has partnered with distinct Universities, Hospitals, Insurance Payers, Healthcare Executives, Industry Experts and Non-Profits to develop training specific to the following chronic conditions:


  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Chronic Heart Failure (CHF)
  • Diabetes
  • Dementia


The focus of these programs is to provide our Caregivers with the knowledge of the disease process, the ability to recognize and respond appropriately to exacerbation, teach proper communication protocols with all care team members while most importantly focusing on coping skills training designed to promote and provide a better quality of life for each client (and their loved ones).  Care Partners At home is the first Home Care operation in California focused on not only producing clinical outcomes, but quality of life outcomes through our unique assessments.